"The Island of Hope". Action 5 of "By Name of Childhood".

On April, 14th, there has passed 5-th action "By Name of Childhood" which our "The Saviour" Fund traditionally conducts in Belarus. This action, 5th under the account, is some kind of small anniversary, and we very much are proud that not looking on set of external adverse factors, such as an economic crisis, natural cataclysms, terrible terroristic attack, on a regular basis made in the different countries, including and recent terroristic act in the Minsk underground and so forth, we could hold on and not change tradition. It is very important not only for us, but first of all for those people to whom are devoted and for whom these actions – children-orphans, children-invalids are spent, and also their parents, tutors, trustees.

All Photos are HERE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thesaviourfund/sets/72157626930765045/

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