Current or Upcoming


1. Fundraising for a custom electric wheelchair bad for Svetlana Tavgen is staring on May 23rd 2016. Amount needed: $2,700.00. Due date: ASAP.

Please watch FIRST the story of Svetlana HERE:

The movie you have just watched was produced by our foundation about 6 years ago. The main problem of the woman who was born with osteoporosis in its the most awful form and at the age of 14 was sent to the House for Disabled People and Elderlies is that no any regular wheelchairs are working for her due to specificity of her disease. To be able to move around the room she has to use ski poles.

During that period of time we supported Svetlana and tried to find an optimal solution to her problem. Unfortunately, in spite of all help and support she had been receiving from our foundation and from the government of Belarus, only recently she was able to find a master who could manufacture the right wheelchair bad for her.

At this moment we are working on putting all updated information related to Svetlana’s case together and going to publish it on our website soon. Our goal is to present a full story including initial facts you were able to see in the video and all updated information, and to raise $2,700.00 for a custom electric wheelchair for her.

We are looking for help of our followers and supporters! Only with your kind donations we are able to accomplish our mission fully. As said before, the complete information will be posted soon. If you would like to support our mission and help us to buy a fatally needed wheelchair bad for Svetlana Tavgen, please call or email us. We appreciate any feasible donation despite its amount. Any single dollar is counted!


2. By Name of Childhood. Project # 10. Location: Belarus. Date: September, 2016. 

We plan to conduct our 10th benefit action By Name of Childhood in September 2016. As usually, the event will be held in Belarus for orphans and children with disabilities. The theme of upcoming occasion, its date and place will be announced later.