Action 7 “By name of Childhood” (2012).

Action 7 “By name of Childhood” (2012).

7th annual action “By name of Childhood” was conducted in a deep Belorussian village Seliba, Bezerino district on August 28th, 2012. More than 120 people including 60 children under 12 years participated in it. At this time the theme of the event was “problems of the families with many children”.

We created that event for kids from such families and had  2 main purposes: 1) to show the problem, to discuss it and to offer possible solutions, and 2) to bring inspiration, gladness and hope presenting a wonderful performance, sharing food and giving special gifts to children from Seliba and vicinity.

It wasn’t easy, but we have it done despite any complications! And we are proud of our job and people who helped us to make that big celebration happened.

We would like to share with you the whole story. First, we would like you to see full photo report HERE:

Second, we’ve almost finished our film “Wonders in Seliba” dedicated to 7th action, and we will be able to present it soon in English. However, you are very welcome to see a Russian version of  “Wonders in Seliba” HERE:

Remember, wonders are there where people believe in them!

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