About Us: A&Qs

When your organization was established? 

– “The Saviour” foundation was established in November 2008.

Is “The Saviour” a religious organization? 

NO, “The Saviour” fund is NOT a religious organization.

Who can get help from your charity? 

– Any U.S. or foreign non-profit organization or an individual who requests that help and has rights for it.

What do we need to do to receive a humanitarian aid? 

– You need to send us a request form and documentations that proof your status and eligibility for a such aid.

Where can I find that “request form”? 

– Please contact our representative, and this form will be sent to you. Moreover, if you have any questions or concerns regarding completing this form, you may always ask for a help.

Are there any particular kinds of aid you can offer? 

– Since the day of the fund’s establishment, we have shipped many different kinds of humanitarian aid, etc. dry food, toys, clothing, shoes, educational material, hygienic staff and so on. You should tell us what you need first, and then we can see what we can offer you.

Do other talk about your work? 

Well, here are some links to other websites (TV, radio, or newspapers):